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The current phase embarks on technological developments and radical value changes ushered in by globalization.

The content and paradigm shift has been triggered by a strong, urban oriented multiplex culture.

1913 saw the introduction of full length feature film in India called Raja Harishchandra directed by Shri Dada Saheb Phalke.

July 2013 ISBN-13 No.989-2-0 Courtesy: Department of Computer Science, R. The traditional values, norms, rituals, customs, beliefs, folk-arts, folk-traditions, and literature in India are all in the process of change due to the impact of cinema and mass-media.

Amitabh Bachchan said, “We have progressed tremendously in these last 100 years to be accepted not just within India but overseas as well is a fantastic feeling.” Yes, I am proud to be part of this seminar as Indian Cinema is almost winding up hundred years of its inception and my institute, Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College its fifty years of its inception. Ours being the largest country (more than thousand films annually) has enhanced our aesthetic realm by producing great films, directors, producers, actors, technicians, lyricists, musicians and so on and so forth.

EDITORS 4 Introduction to the theme of the Seminar by the Conveners I At Cannes Film Festival – 2013, the great living legend of Indian Cinema, Mr. Viewing issues and challenges of Indian Cinema over these hundred years with its Socio-Philosophical Perspective cannot be done in two days, probably it will takes days; but nevertheless, this is our humble attempt to dissect the Indian Cinema World and see through it – how it has been a tremendous influencing factor then and now on our society and our everyday philosophy of life; so also how Indian Cinema has been moulded by society and normative philosophy of everyday life.

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People like Amir Khan, A R Rehaman took Bollywood to Oscar and made world to take notice of Indian-ness.

Published by: Department of Sociology and Philosophy Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar – West, Mumbai – 400 086. So the impact is reciprocal, that social life exerting its impact on cinema and cinema influencing social life.

Authors of the articles are responsible for the contents and the references in their articles. Different races, religions, tribes and communities thrive and survive at the same time.

The way movies were made then and depiction is completely different from the way it is done now.

While earlier movies revolved around the struggles of the common man, there was a gradual shift to romance, action based and comedy films.

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