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This is, in fact, one of the basic parameters of myth: there is no encompassing teleological design, it does not teach, it does not glorify, it does not propose any new arcane knowledge. Returning now to that large object in the sky: "The evidence of myth which points to Saturn having once occupied a position above Earth's north polar regions is voluminous.There is not a race on Earth that has not preserved at least one account which states as much.

My starting premise was to hold worldwide mythology as absolute and believable, although at times very obscure.My method subsequent to this starting position was the collection of myths and iconography, and then to develop, in turn, a chronology of events (Appendix A) and a likely process of celestial mechanics (Appendix B). As an alternative cosmology the narrative has remained within the accepted boundaries of physics and dating.This has continued to surprise me as the details developed.$Revision: 42.43 $ (index.php) Contents of this chapter: [What this Site Is About] [Disbelieving History] [The History of Objections] [The AAAS and the Heretic] [Validation] [Mesoamerica] [Who I am] [This Text on the Internet] [What Others Say] [Endnotes] That is what all the mythology throughout the world uniformly states -- mythology from every nation, region, tribe, and period, in thousands of languages, in hundreds of forms, from every continent -- they all resound, "a large planet stood above the North Pole for a very long time." Every country, that is, except those more than 10 degrees below the equator.The mythology of regions as far removed from each other as Siberia, North Africa, and Guatemala all agree.

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