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Every summer the FCPHA takes a trip to Vegas with as many as 30 or as few as 9 for a week of debauchery and camaraderie. You never know what kind of mischief we are going to get up to from year to year.” During the first big summer trip they took, Daniel and Patty joined in on the fun and partied with them at the Rio. I know Daniel thinks we’re totally nuts, and he’s right, I suppose.” Since being part of FCP, Nikki has formed many lifelong friends.“We’ve traveled all over the country to see each other, including trips to Florida, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Toronto (for a member’s wedding).This is one of the most important things about poker for me: the sense of community that has been created over the forums such as FCP.

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“I was an amateur and not very good, but I got lucky and made some (what turned out to be) good plays allowing me to get to the final table,” said Armen.

When he got there, he was the shortstack and wound up all in 6 or 7 times, somehow winning each hand.

Eventually his luck would come to an end and he finished the tournament in 8th place, walking away with a respectable K for his efforts.

“I focused on 6 max tournaments as that is an ideal place to polish a multitude of playing styles.

I started posting more hands in strategy forums and joined a hand history review group including Mr. I also started getting coaching from renowned online player Ajkhoosier1.” These additions to his game started to quickly pay off and within a couple of months he had final tabled the Sunday Million again (Finishing in 5th this time), and started to win tournaments as well.

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