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But I soon realised that there were more people on this website than the first three young guys I talked to. I talked to a US man struggling with severe medical symptoms that made life almost impossible.

It wasn’t just college guys who struggled with opening up to their friends. He hadn’t seen a doctor despite the debilitating effect it was having on his life because he couldn’t afford the medical bills.

When she replied after reading the book, he ignored her response and continued to talk about his own career. Many of them came from very different cultures, and probably would have held different political views to me.

I spoke to a person — the only identifier they gave was ‘lonely’. I was confused at first but realised they wanted some sort of role-play. Was this just a gateway for them to have chat-room sex? Yet all of them wanted to talk to someone about things they didn’t feel they could discuss with the people in their own lives.

The book was about a man who left his wife to sleep around before returning to married life. He said he was doing ‘alrightish’ but didn’t want to discuss any problems, he just wanted to have a chat with someone. He wanted to know about my life, just as much as he wanted to talk to me.

She wondered if he was trying to insinuate that he similarly had many sexual relationships with other women during their separation and now wanted to resume their relationship. It was striking how different all the people I talked to were.

I do think this is a phenomenon that is becoming more prevalent.That has always been a dangerous statement to make. That you are lonely and have no friends and have to resort to talking with strangers on the internet.That you are totally fine talking with creepy people who are probably 50-year-old perverts wanting to have internet chat room sex with you.She had a male best friend whom she had been close with for 15 years.His girlfriend of two years was immensely jealous of their relationship and wouldn’t let them spend much time together. But I realised quickly how much this person was craving intimacy.

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