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There are guards on duty, and a sound system that starts to blast when anyone gets too close to the wall. I didn’t see anything.’ That was when Nicole fired her. The only thing she had ever told us was that Detective Fuhrman came over here to talk to her but that he never came back. J.’s office to tape what she said to the investigator. A few months back, I wrote that she had become engaged to a 28-year-old ventriloquist from Baltimore named Mike Gabriel, or “Sensei” Mike Gabriel, as he calls himself, who saw Rosa testifying on television, became smitten, and followed her to El Salvador, where she agreed to accept his hand in marriage. Gabriel, who is primarily a teacher of cat yoga, recently wrote me a long, chatty letter in which he said that Rosa was allergic to cats and that that had ended the romance. Gabriel’s old girlfriend took him back, and they are “engaged to be engaged.” Her name is Samantha, and she acts in porn.

“The longer this goes on, the lower the class of people who come here,” one of the guards said to me. We didn’t know anything, because she didn’t tell us. They usually tell you everything.”“Do you think she was really out walking the dog that night? A fence covered by hedges separates the Salinger property from the Simpson property. She has just filmed her first anal-sex scene, her fiancé informed me.

He had other opinions: “The police did a lousy job. When I heard the news, I said a prayer that he had an alibi.”“O. ” I asked.“Our dog has a bad allergy,” said Wolfgang, “and I made it a rule that the dog never go out on the street.”“Rosa adored Mr. The Salingers believe that in order for Simpson not to have been seen by the limousine driver that night he would have had to get to his house by coming onto their property and going down their driveway. “My husband thought the only way for him to get over the fence was by this tree,” said Marta. No matter where you go, you can’t get away from the trial.

They had a search warrant to look for a sweat suit, a cap, gloves, and a stiletto-type knife. They never looked in the wine cellar.”A week or so later, I found myself back in the same neighborhood. “He taught him how to play baseball when he was two and a half. smiled and waved at us across the courtroom,” said Marta. Indeed, there is a tree on the Salinger property with branches that create a ladder which would have made it easy to hop over the fence and come down in the area near the air conditioner outside the room where Kato Kaelin was staying. “He parked his lousy car outside our house,” said Wolfgang. Simpson’s houseguest.’” They both laughed.“Did you ever see O. One night at Drai’s, I saw Faye Resnick, Robert Shapiro, and Michael Viner, all at separate tables.

One night a husband-and-wife private-detective team who had heard me lecture on the case at the Los Angeles Public Library took me for a ride through the backstreets and alley-ways of Brentwood in order to show me that it is possible to make the run between Nicole’s condominium on Bundy and O. If there happens to be no traffic on Sunset—and there probably wasn’t at that late hour on the night of the murders—it’s quite possible. The night I was there, gawking just like the sightseers, the cars driving by were old and rattly. because Michelle had been hit by Nicole.”The conversation turned to Rosa Lopez. When she spoke, she didn’t know the difference between past and present tense.”“She wanted to be part of it,” said Marta about Rosa’s involvement in the case. “The last time I saw him, I said, ‘I’m terribly sorry, O.

Some held six to eight people, a few of them standing on the roofs of the vehicles, trying to see over the wall and focus cameras at the same time. You should have seen him at the Riviera Country Club.” He struck a king-of-the-roost pose.“I never saw his wife when she was beaten up, but I saw the maid, Michelle, who was beaten up by Nicole,” said Marta. Michelle told me when the Simpsons had this fight and Nicole was injured, Nicole said to Michelle, ‘I want you to testify for me,’ but Michelle said, ‘No, I work for both of you. “I was amused when you quoted someone in as saying, ‘If Rosa Lopez is as lousy a housekeeper as she is a liar, I’d hate to see the inside of the Salingers’ house,’” said Marta. “Cochran told her not to talk about it, and she never told us she was in any way connected to the whole thing. J., that you’re splitting up.’ He said, ‘Oh, don’t take it seriously. She’ll come back.’”Speaking of Rosa Lopez, here’s the latest on her.

“I’m so glad they found your son,” he said, which wasn’t at all what I was expecting. a beautiful woman, who must be nameless, told me she knew a man who had been to visit O. Some believe Shapiro was brought on at the recommendation of Simpson’s first lawyer, Howard Weitzman, because of his expertise in plea bargaining, which may have been a factor sometime early in the case.

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They remembered their onetime neighbor with great affection. I have written about him several times in a less than flattering way, because I felt that he was keeping secrets that are vital to the story. ” I gave him the name of my hotel, but so far I haven’t heard from him. J.’s avowal of his love for Nicole was so convincing that I could visualize him saying it.“Maybe that’s what he’ll say if he takes the stand,” I replied.“My friend’s not going back,” she answered. A source tells me that NBC continued to pay him for four months and then stopped, although NBC denies this. Every noon during the lunch break, he sits in the lockup room and signs autographs on football jerseys, football cards, deflated footballs, and photographs—all hot items for collectors, all for sale.

A chance telephone call from the screenwriter Ernest Lehman, who had had dinner with friends of mine the night before, led me to meet Wolfgang and Marta Salinger, O. Simpson’s next-door neighbors, who are equally well known in the case as the former employers of Rosa Lopez, the maid who provided Simpson with an alibi on the night of the murders but who was subsequently discredited when she lied on the stand and who then flew off to El Salvador. He charmed everybody.”“Justin was a darling boy, and O. His patience was unbelievable.”We talked about the day they had been in court, when Rosa was on the stand. Another night I stopped to say hello to a friend and, by accident, bumped into a man seated at the next table.

The Salingers have erected a temporary wire fence in front of their property to keep the sightseers off their lawn. We drank lemonade in a sunfilled book room overlooking a rose garden. We always played on his tennis court.”Wolfgang Salinger concurred. When I turned to apologize, I saw that it was Kato Kaelin.

What happened happened just as this letter was going to press.

Next time, I’ll tell you about the closing arguments, the deep dissension in the ranks of the defense team, the three heartbroken families, the plans for the future. What follows is from my notebooks of the events leading up to O. Simpson’s walk to freedom and a new life.‘I want all of the citizens of Los Angeles to remain calm,” said an enraged Johnnie Cochran in a sentence that said one thing but that could be interpreted as meaning another, during a press conference in which he blasted Judge Ito for ruling that only 2 of the 42 uses of the word “nigger” on the Fuhrman tapes could be presented to the jury.

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