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Zool., 6:1: 182 – 185, 1995 : des groupes aux espèces . Zool., 6: 26-33, 1995 Southern and eastern Great Grey Shrikes in northwest Europe . Zool., 6:1: 204 – 214, 1995 Selective predation by Northern Shrikes on small mammals in a natural environment . Tenevuo, J.; Varrela, J., Alula, 1: 2-11, 1998 Hur många kryss kan mjölkas ur varfågeln?

Zool., 6:1: 88 – 92, 1995 Status of shrikes in Belarus . Karlsson, S., Linnut, 32:6: 4 – 10, 1997 Winter of the butcher-bird: the Northern Shrike invasion of 1995–1996 . Yosef, R.; Lohrer, F., 1998 Identification of the Great Grey Shrike complex in Europe .

Many years since we were at the movies with each other. During the fifties and early sixties my dad smoked a blend from John's pipe shop in Hollywood.

Once we shifted to Valkenswaard I spent innumerable hours reading in the upstairs living room, which spanned the breadth of the building, with my father at his desk engaged in translating technical articles into Dutch, my brother Tobias at his desk in the other corner studying for school, and my mother downstairs in her office typing away. Years later it would not be till late at night that anyone else was there, as my parents spent the evening in their room together reading or talking, my mother's illness having limited her mobility considerably.

There were occasional whisps of Dobie's Foursquare (blue) from one of his pipes, if he lit up. At that time I smoked my own pipes and tobacco in the stillness, with the various desk lamps on to provide sufficient light. During summer break Tobias and I occupied the sera off the courtyard, with the French doors open - he pensively clicking chess-pieces and turning pages, I with a favourite book while enjoying a bowlful.

Schalow, H., Journal für Ornithologie, Volume 66: 3: 331-335, 1918 Žulany i bol’šie serye sorokoputy Poltavŝiny (Red-backed Shrikes and Great Grey Shrikes of the government of Poltava) . (Almanach dedicaded to the 35-th Anniversary of the Museum) 1: 271-272, 275 (In Russian.), 1928 1934 Northern Shrike Regurgitates Pellet . A., Journal of Field Ornithology, 14:1-2: 46, 1934 Korte mededeelingen: Klapekster Lanius excubitor bij Neer-Langbroek . N., Limosa, 7:4: 187-187, 1934 Korte mededeelingen: Klapekster Lanius excubitor bij Wassenaar . C., Limosa, 7:3: 121-122, 1934 Korte mededeelingen: Klapekster Lanius excubitor bij Kampen en Zwolle .

Mber 26: 145-146, 1918 Lanius excubitor rapax Brehm und dessen Vorkommen in Brandenburg .

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