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We've had him since he was about 10 days old, so he's what you call “complete social imprint” on humans, but he's particularly bonded with me. To keep his demanding bird occupied, Lloyd gives Bran puzzles to solve on his own. Next, he swishes it around, and the liquid carries the food past the restriction and out. So, we've presented him with that problem, and through his own intelligence and problem-solving abilities, he worked out to use his own water, what he had around him, to his advantage, which I think shows a lot of intelligence.Here's a problem Lloyd first presented to Bran a few months ago, in his aviary, where he has a birdbath: he places a piece of food inside a plastic bottle and crushes it, so the food is trapped. People who've observed crows and ravens closely have said that they are pretty clever creatures.In the three-hour special "Inside Animal Minds," NOVA explores these breakthroughs through three iconic creatures: dogs, birds, and dolphins.We'll travel into the spectacularly nuanced noses of dogs and wolves and ask whether their reliance on different senses has shaped their evolution.The Jane Goodall Institute This resource for all things chimpanzee features detailed pages on these cousins of humans, including their biology and habitat, their use of tools, and extensive information on conservation efforts around the world. It might seem that way, but today, researchers are discovering other creatures with impressive brains that have mastered all those skills. Crows bend and shape sticks to create custom-made spears for hunting grubs, and they are just one among a growing list of bird species whose impressive problem-solving abilities are shocking scientists and revolutionizing our understanding of animal intelligence.Lola Ya Bonobo Learn about bonobos, which are among our closest living relatives, at the web site for this unique sanctuary, which provides lifetime care to bonobos orphaned by the illegal trade in endangered wildlife. Involved with the Wild Dolphin Project since 1985, Dr. A cognitive scientist and one of the researchers featured in this NOVA series, Horowitz explores what makes dogs the creatures they are. This book is written by a former journalist who, thanks to her German shepherd, Solo, began exploring the life of working dogs, from cadaver dogs and bomb detection dogs to seeing-eye dogs. At the head of the class, we meet animals like Muppet, a cockatoo with a talent for picking locks; 007, a wild crow on a mission to solve an eight-step puzzle for the first time ever; and Bran, a tame raven who can solve a puzzle box so quickly that his performance has to be captured with high-speed photography.Even an octopus, a close relative to clams and oysters can do it.Off the coast of Indonesia, this veined octopus finds a discarded coconut shell on the seafloor, and uses it to protect itself from predators.

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Humans, of course, manufacture a huge array of tools for different purposes.First it crawls inside the hard shell, then it uses its eight arms to carry it off.People used to think that tool use was unique to humans, but of course that has never been the case.In part because, along with humans and chimps, it is an expert toolmaker. In the wild, the crows shape hooked sticks and use them to spear grubs.But today, biologist Alex Taylor is designing an experiment to see if crows can use tools in new ways to solve problems.

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