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That increase has been on Frost’s own list of priorities since he arrived; meeting that wish would be positive in UCF’s favor.

Simultaneously, the university has embarked on a series of upgrades to its athletic facilities.

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Houston is apparently a hotbed for cougars – and we don't mean rabid University of Houston fans.

UCF, meanwhile, is doing what it can to keep the coaching staff intact.

In the background of the greatest start in program history, White and the university are taking steps to maintain the status quo, hoping that increased salaries and new facilities will join Frost’s own track record of carefully weighing his future in keeping the second-year coach at least through the 2018 season.

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“And ultimately, long term, he can win at the very highest level and eventually win a national championship. You’ve got the best recruiting base in America right in our backyard and a situation that’s growing really fast.”The first step — and “the most pressing issue,” per White — is to increase the salary pool afforded Frost’s coaching staff, bringing that total in line with the Power Five level.“I have every expectation that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” White said.

The largest project, a headquarters for the entire athletic department, will include new team meeting rooms, locker rooms and recruiting area.

The goal is to convince Frost that UCF is a destination, not a stopping point.“I think he can be the Bobby Bowden of this place, or the Steve Spurrier of this place,” White said.

At some point, whether it’s Nebraska, Florida or another, he’ll trade in the Group of Five for the Power Five, continuing a fast-moving coaching career that seems unavoidably destined for a high-profile promotion.

Just keeping Frost through 2018 could be a game changer for UCF, however.

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