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The position for being the Emperor's favorite and being the crown prince is the most sensitive one.

A lot of people will try to take them down and do everything to bring them down for the throne.

And I do think that the emperor is also really strong.

Imagine having to live your whole life in that kind of environment where no one was there to really support him and show him love, that's really depressing kind of life. He is stupid, weak,whiny,obsessive, possessive, coward and all. In the end, the only thing he could offer her is his empire and the tittle but in the end he lost it, but still SN loves him and willing to stay with him.

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Remember how Lady Pak got in trouble that started with "rumors"?

After realizing that WY got married, she cried for a but but didn't really feel jealous about it.

But with TH, she was upset after finding out that he went to the empress quarters.

If a "rumor" spread about Sungnyang not being a virgin when she decided to enter as a concubine and worst, have a child with a king from another country will definitely put her and Ayu in dangerous position - no matter how little that rumor is.

You may say that Wang Yu wouldn't spread that rumor, yes he won't but remember..companions wanted to keep that a secret from him but he still found out.

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