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The Fire Safety Manager (FSM) Scheme aims to ensure and enhance the fire safety standard within buildings.

Through the Fire Safety Manager, fire safety activities and fire prevention measures are also implemented to promote fire safety awareness among the building occupants.

(4) The Security officer reactivate any of the passenger lifts that have been ‘homed’ by the activation of the fire alarm until at such time that the incident has been investigated and mitigated.

Fire Safety Managers who had already attended the 1st run need not register as you WILL NOT be given another 10 CPD points for attending the 2nd run.

Topics presented are the same as the 1 Run FSM Briefing 2017 will open on 4 September 2017 at 8am. view=eventdetails&cid=64 for electronic registration. The payment for the FSM briefing is by credit card.

Excess points accumulated within a cycle are not transferable to the next cycle. FSMs that did not meet the requirement of accumulating at least 30 CPD points within the 3-year cycle will be and not be re-certified.

In order to continue to practise as a FSM, suspended FSMs will need to undergo and pass a re-validation course to be conducted by Civil Defence Academy to resume their status as certified FSM.

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