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And none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” (Daniel 12:9-10)Such, then, will be the distinctive mark of God’s elect in the world’s last hour of trial; and to the wise of that generation, whether it be our own or another, the word of prophecy will seem no matter for slight or neglect, but a revelation of transcendent importance.

What, then, shall we say of ourselves upon whom the end of the age has come, who seem to be living in times when the predictions of old are on the point of fulfilment!The most important of them are a recognition of the three distinct classes into which mankind are divided, a knowledge of the three prophetic periods, and an acquaintance with the simple principle upon which God computes the chronology of Jewish history.A clear apprehension of these points will, we believe, remove all difficulty and uncertainty in regard to general and systematic interpretation.We are well aware that many object to the very mention of a system of prophecy: but surely it does not require much reflection to discover that such a sentiment is simply irrational.If the prophecies are all utterances of one and the selfsame Spirit, they must be capable of reduction to an orderly scheme, and certainly cannot be comprehended in any other way.

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