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If you are looking for a page by page solution, or post by post, you can use this plugin: It will add a checkbox on every post/page for you to choose if the core-Wordpress behavior will be disabled for that particular page or not.This is especially useful when you want to post some HTML code and the auto generated mess up your carefully engineered design.

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I would like for it to behave more like a code editor where I can structure the code how I like and make it easy to read.Been playing squads today all day and i have yet to see anyone with active braincells on my team.Let alone actual skilled players or actual teamwork going on.So just add a filter and in a variable pass an array of your shotrcodes you want to filter like this: @d Ken It's doing exactly what you wrote.Apart regex it's really simple as the content is fitered by a built in WP filter the_content.

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