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In her day job, she works as a freelance writer and social media expert but on the weekends she can visit flea markets and live the vintage inspired life they want.

Sean is most well known for his extensive tie collection which consists upward of 3,000 ties, though that is just an estimate.

Fascinated by his collection of vintage clothes, I contacted him afterwards and during my last trip to New York, I was finally able to meet Sean Crowley and his girlfriend Meredith Modzelewski.

Now most of the coverage about Sean has evolved around his clothes, especially his ties, but there is more to his story.

Apart from that, I asked to take a look at his odd waistcoats, and sure enough he had everything from doeskin, hunting vest, tattersall, herringbone, dove grey morning waistcoats etc.While some would have been discouraged by such developments, Sean learned how to actually design ties and what goes into it, landing him a job with Lauren.Over the years, he has been designing for the Rugby line as well as the RRL line, which focuses on clothes with a heavily vintage inspired style.When I met the two on a lovely Sunday afternoon, they kindly invited me up into their apartment and showed me their entire home.As someone who is prone to observe details, I felt like my senses were overstimulated.

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